Monday, July 17, 2006

Actually, I do have a couple more things to say about Superman Returns. Don't worry, it ain't much.

First, I personally need my Lois Lane to be the really ditzy bitch she was in I&II. Endearingly scatterbrained and unkempt. You know. And she really wasn't in this one, so much.

And, whatup with not, say, password-protecting the ice crystals, or something? No, it wouldn'tve been much of a movie if Lex hadn't stolen every single last one, but did it have to be so easy? He just walked right in there and took 'em! No challenge whatsover.

Maybe there wasn't enough time for all that.

But, it really made the people of Krypton seem so naive. Trusting, to a fault.

Other than these things, it was okay.
Quick movie reviews:

Superman Returns: not too bad, entertaining
The Devil Wears Prada: cute, liked it
Click: kind of sucked, which surprised me a little. Even though it made me cry toward the end, and I felt like a dork until I realized most of the people in the aisle were also crying. All the girls and little kids, anyway. Why were little kids at a movie after 10 pm? Yes, I know it's summer.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I've had fairly significant adult acne for a while. I had zits as a teenager, which pretty much went away for most of my twenties and early-thirties.

Things were mostly clear until December '04, when a whole bunch of stressful stuff happened at once. My skin took the brunt of it, and for the next year-and-almost-half some of the biggest, juiciest zits in (I'm pretty sure) the history of time appeared on my face. Multitudes, of the species that enjoy taking their sweet time healing, and love hanging out for weeks and weeks.

Of course, I tried all manner of over-the-counter stuff. I'm about to tell you what finally worked for me, but I've gotta give Neutrogena's On-the-Spot acne treatment a shout, 'cause hey ... it does what it's supposed to do. Dries up the zits, but won't leave the rest of your face all itchy and crackly. If you've got minor zittage, definitely give it a shot.

Anyway. By the time April rolled around, I decided I'm tired of dealing with this! so I asked my doctor for a dermatology referral. She gave me one, but asked if I'd be adverse to trying a low-dosage birth control pill for a while first, as it's been proven to control adult acne.

I said sure, and have been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo almost three months. It took about a month to notice results, but my acne problem cleared up pretty fast. I still get a zit from time to time, but nothing like before. They're tiny, and go away within a day or two.

The doc said this is a good pill to go on if you're older and don't want to get into all the Accutane stuff, or even if you're younger, and intend to get pregnant within a reasonable amount of time after going off the pill ("Lo" hormone dosage).

Personally, Accutane and pregnancy are equally unappealing to me, so it's almost like this stuff was made specifically with ME in mind.

It really took care of my skin problems -- just thought I'd pass it along. §her¡♣ said | heh? oh

Friday, July 07, 2006

Damn, we have some morons for apartment managers.

Or, ex-apartment managers.

It appears most of the (sucky, bitchy, snoot-eh) old crew just up and walked out, taking a bunch of newly-signed leases with them or shredding them. Or flushing them. Including OURS.

But the new management seems pretty cool, especially since they knocked $40/month off our rent this entire next year for our troubles. *

$40 less per month that we have to pay. This entire next year.

That just ROCKS.

And I must say, it definitely made the inconvenience of having to sign a new lease again, not even one month later, kinda ... fun!

* There's gotta be a catch. I never really trust this kind of awesome thing. Shall provide updates of sucky apartment management from the new crew, as situations undoubtedly will arise.