Friday, July 07, 2006

Damn, we have some morons for apartment managers.

Or, ex-apartment managers.

It appears most of the (sucky, bitchy, snoot-eh) old crew just up and walked out, taking a bunch of newly-signed leases with them or shredding them. Or flushing them. Including OURS.

But the new management seems pretty cool, especially since they knocked $40/month off our rent this entire next year for our troubles. *

$40 less per month that we have to pay. This entire next year.

That just ROCKS.

And I must say, it definitely made the inconvenience of having to sign a new lease again, not even one month later, kinda ... fun!

* There's gotta be a catch. I never really trust this kind of awesome thing. Shall provide updates of sucky apartment management from the new crew, as situations undoubtedly will arise.

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~sheri said...

no way. shut up.

Yeah, Blogger said I need to contact the "new" administrator, which is, hi, a pr0n spambot with no contact info. Thanks, Blogger!

Eh. Dem'sdabreaks =]

no way. shut up.