Friday, June 30, 2006

Ah jeeze, they're talking to Star Jones on Today and it just goes on and
on and on-on-on.

Al Roker is taking it all very, very seriously. He hasn't cut her off once, like all the anchors do to anyone else they've ev-er interviewed.

Um, people actually watch The View.

Or ... people actually watch The View?

Mostly, I'm just pissed because I do like watching Today, but don't really get to that often. And, here, when I finally get a chance ... all they do is talk to this mega-rich, kinda boring emaciated woman about her "difficult time" and "troubling events in recent days" for most of the show.

Does anyone really give a crap? Star doesn't even seem ALL that concerned about it.

And to give her credit, you can tell she wants to leave, and start being some wealthy no-"job"-havin' socialite. Perhaps begin gaining back a little bit of weight, so her knees and elbows will no longer double as lethal weapons.

But Al won't let her go. Keeps making her sit there, commercial break upon commercial break.

Let her go, Al!

Let her go eat something!!

Hey, I just wrote about Star Jones. Being on vacation? Well, it rocks, oh yes! & makes ya do strange things.

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~sheri said...

no way. shut up.

Yeah, Blogger said I need to contact the "new" administrator, which is, hi, a pr0n spambot with no contact info. Thanks, Blogger!

Eh. Dem'sdabreaks =]

no way. shut up.