Monday, July 17, 2006

Actually, I do have a couple more things to say about Superman Returns. Don't worry, it ain't much.

First, I personally need my Lois Lane to be the really ditzy bitch she was in I&II. Endearingly scatterbrained and unkempt. You know. And she really wasn't in this one, so much.

And, whatup with not, say, password-protecting the ice crystals, or something? No, it wouldn'tve been much of a movie if Lex hadn't stolen every single last one, but did it have to be so easy? He just walked right in there and took 'em! No challenge whatsover.

Maybe there wasn't enough time for all that.

But, it really made the people of Krypton seem so naive. Trusting, to a fault.

Other than these things, it was okay.


pomegranate said...

Uh.. What happened? This isn't right.

Faith said...

I'm with you, Pom.

Sheri, what you up to, girl?

~sheri said...

Hey guys. I did the Blogger option to swtich urls, so I'm here now:

Apparently, this nasty, slutty spambot scooped up the tkcgirl url not long after I switched. Unfortunately, a few of my posts stuck around.

I've contacted Blogger, but no response so far. Meh.

Anyway, I'm still posting at the new url. This one probably has more, um, entertaining(?) links, if you're into that kinda thing. But if you want to follow me over to the new one, that'd be awesome =]


~sheri said...

no way. shut up.

Yeah, Blogger said I need to contact the "new" administrator, which is, hi, a pr0n spambot with no contact info. Thanks, Blogger!

Eh. Dem'sdabreaks =]

no way. shut up.

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